linux 2.2.19pre and thttpd (VM-global problem?)

From: Jure Pecar (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 20:32:32 EST

Hi all,

I'm expiriencing a problem with thttpd web server
( on recent linux 2.2 kernels with Andrea's
VM-global patches. Without the patch server runs normally with its usual
dose of complaints on the linux platform (it's being developed on BSD
afaik), but with the patch it runs ok for about three days (depends on
traffic i guess), then enters into some state where it reports 'out of
memory' for every larger file (>1Mb) it starts serving and dies. When it
comes back up it dies again whitin 10 seconds. As this is not happening
on a stock kernel and the restart of the server itself has no efect, i
conclude it has to be something there in the VM-global that thttpd
doesnt really like. As the VM-global seems to be the only cure for the
VM_do_try_to_free_pages problem, which is an issue for me too, i'd
really like to hear some official words on this before 2.2.19 comes out
with VM-global ... and while i'm at it, can we expect ide patch in
2.2.19 too?


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