Re: rotr32 / rotl32 (wordops.h) in 2.4.x ?

From: Andi Kleen (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 09:57:27 EST

On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 03:35:36PM +0200, Harald Welte wrote:
> Hi!
> In the 2.2 series kernel are some fucntions for rotating left / right.
> But it seems that the generic_rotr32 / generic_rotl32 as well as the
> architecture dependent counterparts rotr32 /rotl32 have disappeared.
> Is ther any replacement, and if yes, where ?

You can just use the coded out variant (x<<n | (x>>(sizeof(x)*8-n)))
gcc is clever enough to turn it into an rotate when the CPU supports it.


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