af_packet: recvfrom causing high processor load in system

From: Alexander Riesen (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 11:04:33 EST

Hi, dear community,

The problem: under heavy network load
(2000 frame/sec and more, traffic produced with Fluke)
reading from the packet socket (SOCK_PACKET)
fully loads the processor every ~30 sec (PII-650).
The higher is the traffic level, the longer is the
"heavy system load" interval.
I have tried two NICs (3COM with 3c90x and Kingstone with tulip),
in promiscuous and normal mode - with the same effect.

Any help and/or information about this/such problem
is greatly appreciated.

Does it cause dropping of packets ?
Is there a way to workaround the processor load ?

Alexander Riesen

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