RE: [PATCH] usb audio.

From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 10:56:53 EST

> > > Only problem is that the sound has a lot of hickups and I
> get these
> > > messages in my syslog:
> >
> > I didn't see that. I think I _do_ have CONFIG_USB_BANDWIDTH
> enabled. What
> > else do you have connected and what else were you using at
> the time? Does
> > the kernel whinge?
> Just recompiled the USB modules with CONFIG_USB_BANDWIDTH enabled, but
> that doesn't solve the problem. The audio thingy is the only device
> connected, I don't have an USB hub, otherwise I would have used my
> Wacom Graphire and the audio converter at the same time (my laptop has
> only one USB port). FWIW, the audio converter is using a Philips UDA
> 1321 chip.

CONFIG_USB_BANDWIDTH just controls whether usb_submit_urb()
fails or passes based on current bandwidth usage.

You shouldn't see the <clipped> messages about bandwidth alloc
increased|reduced unless you are running at console loglevel
7 or higher (KERN_DEBUG) (could be via Alt-SysRq-7).
I'll see about removing them anyway.

I don't know about the sound hickups you are hearing. Tom Sailer
suggested just a day or two ago something about changing the
latency for the USB controller by using setpci.
BTW, lspci -vv would give much more useful info than just
using lspci. E.g., it would show the current latency
value being used.


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