Re: want tool to open RPM package on Window 95

From: Ruud de Rooij (*
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 12:14:17 EST

On 2000/10/12, Igmar Palsenberg wrote:
> > I can think of a number of uses for such a tool. For example, to read
> > the documentation of a package before installing it on a different
> > (Linux-based) system; or to unpack a source-rpm in order to build it
> > with Cygwin.
> Bad idea. Most RPM'S contain specific RH patches, most of them being path
> fixes. Get the tar.gz in that case.

Some software may only (easily) be available in src-rpm format. I might
just want to build one of the binaries in it by hand. I might just want to
read the docs. I might ...

The point is not what I might or might not want; the point is that there
are valid uses for RPM on Windows.

> Second, there is no way to actually build on a Windows machine, so I don't
> see the use of it.

There's no reason why RPM might not be ported to Cygwin.

> > > Second, I'm glad there isn't. Saves tons of bugus bug reports.
> Ever opened a UNIX textfile in Notepad, which is the default editor in
> most windows versions ?

How does this relate to the current discussion?

> > Bug reports for whom?
> The RPM maintainer.

By "RPM maintainer" do you mean maintainer of the .rpm package or
maintainer of the RPM package management tool?

I don't even use RPM myself; I use Debian. But every now and then I'm
forced to use a Windows machine and sometimes do find it very convenient to
be able to unpack Debian packages.

        - Ruud de Rooij.

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