Re: TODO: drivers/pcmcia/ds.c: ds_read

From: manfred (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 12:05:52 EST

Yong Chi wrote:
> Hopefully this will do for SMP locks. =)

You must not hold a spinlock across put_user - instead you must copy the
get_queued_event(user) into a local variable, spinunlock and then copy
it to userspace.

Compare drivers/sbus/char/sunkbd.c, function kbd_read from 2.2 and 2.4:
2.2.17 is bad, 2.4.0 is fixed.

> Todo list also said that on UP, sleep_on() use is unsafe. It uses
> "interruptible_sleep_on()" and "wake_up_interruptible()" calls. Are they
> not safe on UP?

I depends: there are exactly 2 safe uses for sleep_on(), all other
combinations can lock up:

1) The wake-up occurs from process context (neither bh nor interrupt),
and _both_ the thread that goes to sleep and the thread that wakes up
use lock_kernel().

2) If the wake-up occurs from interrupt context (only real interrupt or
bottom half, NOT from tasklet/softirq), then the thread that goes to
sleep must protect itself with the global cli lock.

        new_data = 1;

        /* local interrupts must be enabled */
        if(!new_data) {

IIRC handle_event is called from interrupt context, thus a wake-up can
happen from within an interrupt, but there is no cli() before the
sleep_on() --> lock-up, even on UP possible.

But do not add cli() - remove sleep_on() and replace it with something
like wait_event_irq() [from include/linux/raid/md_k.h]


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