Re: Updated 2.4 TODO List -- new addition WAS(test9 PCI

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 22:22:25 EST

   Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 04:18:23 +0200
   From: Andrea Arcangeli <>

   I disagree the stability/feature ratio needs are different between
   kernel and userspace (at least excluding the FPU handling that of
   course doesn't matter for kernel :).

Tell that to people who want a %100 standards compliant c++ compiler.

Offering that adds a certain amount of risk. It may be desirable to
not take that risk for building the kernel, and the kernel has no c++
needs thus...

Often, suitability of a compiler for the kernel is based upon time in
widespread use.

I have no arguments against your statements that 2.2.x, 2.4.x should
be fixed to build with the newer compiler. It should be fixed as soon
as possible, without question.

David S. Miller
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