Re: Updated 2.4 TODO List -- new addition WAS(test9 PCI

From: Adrian Bunk (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 20:49:53 EST

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Nathan Paul Simons wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 10:55:17PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Hardly. In fact the idea of distributing a different compiler for kernels
> > comes from debian and the kgcc naming convention from Conectiva.
> What different compiler? If you're talking about the kernel-package
> package of Debian, that's only scripts to generate a Debian kernel package
> from custom source.

No, he's talking about the gcc272 package that includes version
of gcc:

$ apt-cache show gcc272
Package: gcc272
Priority: extra
Section: devel
Installed-Size: 1596
Maintainer: Debian GCC maintainers <>
Description: The GNU C compiler.
 This is the old version of the GNU C compiler's C part. It should only
 be used for backward compatibility purposes.


A "No" uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a
"Yes" merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
                -- Mahatma Ghandi

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