Re: Linux 2.2.18pre1

From: Paul Jakma (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 19:28:59 EST

On 1 Sep 2000, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Alan Cox <> writes:

> Well, I'm asking again, as usual, are you planning to integrate
> kernel-space NFSv3? I'd appreciate if you did.

yes please.

0: The new NFS patches work so so much better than vanilla linux nfs.

1: due to (0) most dists have actually been distributing the patches
and updated userland for a v. long time now!

2: incompatible tools: those who follow a dist are already using
incompatible tools anyway, and can either stay with their dist or get
the neccessary tools themselves (nfs-utils is available in RPM and
deb anyway!). those who follow the stock kernel can read the changes

please please lets sort out NFS in 2.2! (cause it's going to be
around for a good while yet). Any pain it may cause in tool updates
is completely mitigated by the stability, performance and
interoperability benefits of the the patches.


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