Re: Linux 2.2.18pre1

From: Neil Brown (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 19:54:37 EST

On Friday September 1, wrote:
> 2: incompatible tools: those who follow a dist are already using
> incompatible tools anyway, and can either stay with their dist or get
> the neccessary tools themselves (nfs-utils is available in RPM and
> deb anyway!). those who follow the stock kernel can read the changes
> file.

What incompatible tools???

Any nfs-utils that work with vanilla 2.2.16 will work just fine with
patched 2.2.16. They may not access any new functionality, but there
ARE NO INCOMPATIBILITIES (that I know of, and I am quute close to the

Note that this is in contrast to the changes that went into 2.2.14,
which DID break compatability - all of a sudden you needed to run
lockd from user space, where as before you didn't. (with the patches
you don't any more, so they actaully improve compatability).


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