Newbie question: mmap() and file descriptor limits

From: Evan Jones (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 14:42:28 EST

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I hope this has not been discussed before. I think I have searched the
archive fairly exhaustively. This issue may also no longer exist on the
2.4 kernel series because I have not tested it on that kernel.

I have been experimenting with a web server (thttpd) which uses a cache
of mmaped files to serve requests. It opens a file, mmaps it then closes
it to avoid running into the perprocess file descriptor limits. Instead,
it ends up running into the system file descriptor limits which makes
the system unusable for anything but the web server process. FreeBSD
does it differenly. Files can be mmaped and do not count towards the

Does this issue still exist in the 2.4 kernel series? If not, are there
any plans for resolving it? Any suggestions for how I could modify the
web server to avoid making the system unusable?

Thank you

Evan Jones

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