Re: If loadable modules are covered by Linux GPL?

From: Simon Richter (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 10:55:28 EST

On 29 Aug 2000, Stuart Lynne wrote:

> >I think this needs to be resolved ASAP. I don't have kernel sources handy,
> >so I cannot tell you whether the functions are actually worth being
> >protected (inb/outb doesn't belong to this group really),

> If it is in the header file I think it should be open for use.

I'd think so, too, but alas it isn't that easy.

> There was another thread a few days ago commenting that modern
> processors may actually be a bit faster with less inlined code and
> unrolled loops. Which> may mean that a lot of what is now inlined may
> be better off compiled in.

Yes, inlined code is slower if the routine is called so often that it
would stay cached between two invocations, and unrolled loops only make
sense for iterative algorithms, where you can fold the instructions
better. Many inlined code in the kernel consists of single
instructions, however, so making them single calls would add much


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