Re: Upgrading a 2.2.14-5.0 kernel to 2.2.16-3 kernel

From: David Relson (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 08:06:27 EST


'mkinitrd', which is in /sbin on my Mandrake 7.1 system can be used to
create a new initrd. 'man mkinitrd' will tell you what you need to know
about it.

Don't forget that lilo allows you to define multiple boot
configurations. An appropriate (second) entry in /etc/lilo.conf will set
up your system so that you can choose to boot from your new 2.2.16 kernel
or from your current 2.2.14 kernel. If the new kernel won't boot, you can
still get to (and use) the old kernel.


At 01:56 AM 8/30/00, Alex Buell wrote:
>I haven't been able to receive an answer from RedHat on this :o(
>We have a Dell PowerEdge server runninng RH 6.0 with the RH 2.2.14-5.0
>kernel. Now, I am aware there are some security issues with the 2.2.14
>kernel, however our Dell server requires the use of the third party
>MegaTrends RAID driver which is loaded through initrd.
>Will upgrading the kernel to 2.2.16-3 affect the initrd image? Or will I
>have to reinstall the initrd image with it?
>It's particularly important because if the MegaTrend driver isn't
>correctly installed we will have a dead server!
>Bring on the music and lights!
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