Re: Problem booting 2.4.0-test series

From: Michael Peddemors (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 17:31:37 EST

I have seen strange problems sometimes with using menuconfig or xconfig
completely go away when creating my config as simply `make config`
Sometimes a strange dependency comes in.. Since your problem is a little
vague, and seems to be on a generic paltform, I would suggest that it is a
problem with the compilation procedures. Narrow that down first.

On Wed, 31 Dec 1969, root wrote:
> With all of 2.4.0-test series, and at least 2.3.51, I've been unable to
> boot. I'm in the process of getting other 2.3 kernels, to see where the
> problem was introduced.
> My PC hangs after "OK, booting the kernel". I have a pentium, but this
> problem occurs whether I configure the kernel as pentium, 486 or 386.
> I've never had a problem with the 2.2 series, and currently use 2.2.16. Can
> anyone suggest a way for me to track down this problem. I cant really debug
> tanything, since I hang before the boot process is anywhere near complete.
> Any suggestions gratefully received.

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