Re: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than on

From: Alon Ziv (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 13:59:58 EST

From: "David Howells" <>
> Would it be possible to make fork() or clone() from a process whose
> reparent the child to the thread group leader automatically? Thus, when
> creating thread goes away, the child is still a child of the "process",
> SIGCHLD is still going to go to the process (leader thread).
No need--- it's userspace-solvable; we just need a rule that says
"fork() in a thread is actually a clone(...|CLONE_PARENT,...)"
and the magic happens all by itself.

> Also all child "processes" and "threads" are then logically children of
> "process", given that a "process" is then defined by the tgid.
> Also my 2p on the execve() problem: if the master thread does an execve(),
> there must be a point of no return, at which point all the child threads
> should be deleted, IMHO, otherwise they turn into full processes in their
> right, and the thread-signalling framework goes out the window.
> And for a further thought on the subject, is it possible for when a child
> thread does an execve(), to wangle the master thread into making this
> with all other threads SIGSTOP'd until completion (& death) or failure (&
> resumption)? (though that's probably better done in userspace)

Exactly. Userspace is the key. (We just probably need a 'parent has
exec()ed' notification signal in the children, like the current 'parent has
exit()ed' one).


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