Re: cat seem to record with an es1371

From: G.W. Wettstein (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 12:36:07 EST

On Aug 28, 10:31pm, Alan Cox wrote:
} Subject: Re: cat seem to record with an es1371

> > All, I get is silence and the file created when i do record has all 7f
> > and 0x80 in
> > it. Does anybody have any ideas?
> That sounds like the es1371 is working but your codec or microphone input
> has problems. You might want to check the docs for the hardware if you have
> access to them and see if the external pre-amps for the input channels are
> wired to codec gpio pins or similar.

The es137x based cards seem to vary in their handling of input
impedance with respect to the microphone. You may want to try
flipping the input impedance of the microphone input from its default
value. Use the micbias directive to the module load, e.g.:

        insmod es1371 micbias=1

Also make sure that the microphone is selected as the recording source
and the level is turned up.

> Alan


}-- End of excerpt from Alan Cox

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