Adaptec AAA-114UDMA with chipset AIC-7890AB

From: Dan Browning (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 12:31:24 EST

What is the status of support for the Adaptec AAA-114UDMA with chipset
AIC-7890AB under Linux (2.2.16+)? Under RH6.2 and mdk 7.0-2 the aic7xxx
module loads with the following problems:

scsi0 Adaptec AHA..../..../... (.......SCSI) 5.1.28/3.2.4
        <Adaptec AIC-7890/1 Ultra2 SCSI Host Adapter>
scsi:1 Host
.......... (detects 1 hdd that has 0 cyl 0 head 0 mb)
... (does some other things)
scsi: Aborting command due to timeout
... being reset, device just continually resets.

Since the card is a 4-channel IDE RAID card (but I wouldn't even mind using
it without the raid features and doing sw raid myself), I'm not sure if this
is supposed to go to the SCSI aic7xxx maintainer or the IDE maintainer.

Thanks for any help,

Dan Browning
Network & Database Administrator
Cyclone Computer Systems

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