From: Linus Torvalds (torvalds@transmeta.com)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 20:11:09 EST

Ok, there's a test8-pre1 out there in testing. This is mainly for two

 - the mail-server I used got updated, and while all my mail was moved
   over to the new faster server, none of the mail status was saved, so I
   lost my "read vs new" mail information. And I'm too lazy to go back and
   try to see what I've read and what I haven't. So people who want a
   patch into the kernel should just check whether it made it, and re-send
   if not.

 - talk is cheap. The thread group stuff is there. But it will be removed
   unless somebody actually takes a look at whether it really makes
   pthreads easier and more efficient.

   Most of the thread group code is trivial. The biggest impact was on
   signal.c, and even that wasn't because the new code is hard, it's just
   because I split up the "signal sending function from hell" into many
   smaller functions.



 - pre1
    - Oops. Moved back stallion.c to drivers/char. It's not a TV driver.
      Never has been, and I don't see it ever really becoming one ;)
    - mca.c: outp_b() should be outb_p().  Obviously nobody actually
      _uses_ the MCA bus any more ;)
    - umsdos should be ok again after the page_address() type-changes.
    - re-enable asynchronous read-ahead code.
    - Sun ESP driver update
    - netfilter debug fixes
    - IPv6 needs to register before proto_init()
    - socket() error code fix (EAFNOSUPPORT instead of EINVAL)
    - potential TCP socket leak fix
    - don't self-deadlock on the kbd_controller_lock when probing for the mouse
    - CONFIG_SMB_NLS_REMOTE didn't work. Silly typo.
    - scheduler wakeup race condition could cause delayed scheduling on SMP..
    - net/packet/af_packet.c: use the standard macros for marking page resevredness
    - ncpfs buffer-overflow fix
    - thread groups, take 1.
    - USB storage driver update

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