RE: Re: Suggestion for laptop suspension

Date: Wed Jan 01 1997 - 22:06:07 EST


>MY Sony Vaio 505TX has a similar behavior. What hasn't been clear to me
>is how to mark memory as "unused". I had a theory that the APM BIOS
>suspend code was checking if the memory was all zero's, and not writing
>such pages to disk. This was a while ago, but a quick test didn't seem
>to bear out this theory.
>I never had time to really take this much further, since using the
>laptop "suspend and keep power to the memory" mode really doesn't take
>that much battery power, so it wasn't worth my bothering to figure out
>exactly how to trick the laptop into thinking a memory region didn't
>need to be saved to disk. But this would be a good project for someone
>who was interested to try to take up. One warning --- the technique by
>which this is done may end up being very laptop-specific, or at least
>dependent on a particular APM BIOS supplier.

There's completely generic solution called swsusp. It saves only occupied memory (of course) and works even on desktops. I suggest enhancing it is a much better project.
> - Ted
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