Re: Suggestion for laptop suspension

From: Stephen Rothwell (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 18:02:00 EST

From: Linda Walsh <>
> You might want to reread what I previously wrote. Is there any
> reason to think that your program is doing anything other than forcing all dirty
> buffers out to disk?

Yes. 1) I didn't actually respond to what you said, but to what Richard asked.
2) My program is creating a large area of memory entirely filled with zeros.
3) My program was merely an experiment to see if having most of memory
set to zero would speed up the BIOS's save to disk feature.

Just flushing buffers to disk cannot achieve anything as far as the BIOS
is concerned.

I agree with others that swsusp is probably the way to go (especially
for machines with ACPI but no S4BIOS support), but I though I might
be able to provide Richard with a quick and (only slightly) dirty
solution to his immediate problem.

Stephen Rothwell
Linux APM guy
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