Re: kernel build on SPARC32

From: Matthew Wilcox (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 14:24:18 EST

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 01:02:41PM -0700, Joshua Uziel wrote:
> You'll do a "make vmlinux" instead of "make zImage" or "make zlilo"...
> the image does not have to be compressed on SPARC like it does on i386.
> Afterwards, you'll be left with "vmlinux" and "" files in
> the root of the kernel source tree (/usr/src/linux)... copy them to
> /boot and edit your /etc/silo.conf appropriately. Also, know that
> there's no need to run "silo" after editing the silo.conf file...
> silo can read ext2 filesystems.
> Good luck... see for more info. There are
> also some good mailing lists for Linux/SPARC that you can find info
> on at that site...

you might want to create Documentation/sparc and put this info in there?

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