Re: kernel build on SPARC32

From: Joshua Uziel (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 15:02:41 EST

* Dr. Kelsey Hudson <> [000826 11:54]:
> I recently bought a SPARCstation 20 to mess with, and threw a fresk copy
> of Linux on it. It works yadda yadda whatever.
> What files do I need to copy over to the /boot dir to get this working?

You'll do a "make vmlinux" instead of "make zImage" or "make zlilo"...
the image does not have to be compressed on SPARC like it does on i386.

Afterwards, you'll be left with "vmlinux" and "" files in
the root of the kernel source tree (/usr/src/linux)... copy them to
/boot and edit your /etc/silo.conf appropriately. Also, know that
there's no need to run "silo" after editing the silo.conf file...
silo can read ext2 filesystems.

Good luck... see for more info. There are
also some good mailing lists for Linux/SPARC that you can find info
on at that site...
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