ISAPnP and most of drivers should be locking up.

From: Elmer Joandi (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 15:25:24 EST

There is a problem with most of drivers and isapnp -
if card is up and working before isapnp is loaded and then
if isapnp is loaded without isapnp_disable, it changes for example
3c509 card io/irq parameters(3c509 works both ways as large number of
old ISA cards do without jumpering or eeprom setting ) and
then 2.4.0-test5 locks up...

this is a isapnp problem, but otherwise it would be
very nice if all drivers would have check in interrupt handler
like following pseudocode :

if (interruptStatus = 0xffff ) { // for most of IOport drivers it should do the
    printk("%s card ejected \n",dev->name ); // most of use is in pcmcia
    disable device hardware interface
    disable device software interface
    if can reconfigure driver
        reconfigure and enable
    else goto failure or exit;

Even more nice would be to have BUS type ISA and then
isapnp consulting with that and all drivers registering there
and ISA/ISAPNP card identifier database, all like we have
on PCI.

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