stuck on TLB IPI wait (CPU#0)

From: Jank (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 04:09:14 EST


I tried to find some explanation to this in the kernel archive but no luck
so far.

I have dual P III 600 machine which sometimes gives me this error and then
hangs. Only power off/on helps out.
The kernel is 2.2.16

One thing that I discovered

/proc/interrupts :
           CPU0 CPU1
  0: 537442 0 XT-PIC timer

but on other dual machine with P III 500 the /proc/interrupts
           CPU0 CPU1
  0: 851757136 881622518 IO-APIC-edge timer

could this be one of the problems ?

Any help appreciated ...
Janek Hiis

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