[patch] MOD_INC 1st in open (other drvrs)

From: Paul Gortmaker (p_gortmaker@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 02:31:19 EST

The following patch makes sure MOD_INC_USE_COUNT is done 1st up in the
dev->open in the following network drivers, with MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT put
in any failure paths.

 3c505, 3c507, 3c509, ariadne, arlan, at1700, atp, de600, de620, depca,
 eth16i, ewrk3, fmv18x, lance, ni52, ni65, pcnet32, plip, sk_g16,
 skeleton, wavelan, znet.

Yes, there is still more of them. Some of them (atp, sk_g16, znet, IIRC)
didn't have module use counters at all.


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