BUG/PATCH: include/asm-*/fcntl.h

From: Bernd Kischnick (kisch@mindless.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 23:46:11 EST

Hello Linux-Kernel port maintainers,

An hour ago I posted a patch for asm-ppc/fcntl.h.
Now I scanned the other asm-directories and found the same bug in
most of the other architectures as well:
The definition for "struct flock64" seems to be missing, as well as some
constant defines:

#define F_GETLK64 12
#define F_SETLK64 13
#define F_SETLKW64 14

The PPC port didn't compile without the patch, so I suppose this is critical
for your ports as well. Please have a look at the patch.

A special note for Ralf Baechle (the MIPS maintainer):
asm-mips/fcntl.h and maybe asm-mips64/fcntl.h would have to be changed, too.
But simply applying the same change as for the other architectures woudln't
work, because in the MIPS headers, the constant 14 is already used for F_GETLK
(which is 5 elsewhere).

- Bernd Kischnick

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