Re: Lockup in 2.4.0-test7

From: Roland Orre (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 00:20:02 EST

I've now installed an USB (/dev/input/mice) mouse in my 2.4.0-test7
system and my lockup problem now seems to have disappeared. This
indicates that the problem relates to the PS2 mouse driver (which
my ksymoops list also earlier did).
In my case the USB mouse is this not a workaround, however, because
the systems are connected through a multi terminal switch (OmniCube)
which uses PS2 but it allows me to continue testing the 2.4.* system
(and I need to use USB soon...).

I just noticed the following comment about 2.2.17pre12 at

* Fix PS/2 reconnect lockup on SMP (David Nelson)

This could possibly be the explanation of my problem because the
reconnect handling was added first in 2.2.16, which I have not
tried. But now I can try with the 2.2.17pre20 version.

Does anybody have any good hint about the best way to apply these
pre-patches (
as they seem to be incremental?

skp <> wrote:
> This is probably unrelated, but I have an SMP system here as well with an
> Adaptec card using the aic7xxx driver. Awhile back, I had this driver
> compiled as a module (primary drives are IDE - right now, the SCSI card is
> there for a cd burner). ~50% of the time when I loaded the module (the
> longer I waited after boot the more likely it was to happen), the system
> would completely lock up.
> The card was pulled out of a single cpu system - it worked great there.
> This problem *appears* to have gone away with the driver compiled into the
> kernel - haven't tried making it a module again recently. I think the
> last time I tried this was at 2.2.14.
> As I said, it's probably unrelated, but I thought it interesting that you
> were experiencing lockups on a SMP box with that driver loaded...

My first SMP system, based on a PL97DS board from ASUS, which has now run
stable for 2.5 years since I assemblied it uses SCSI only (as my other SMP
systems too) but from time to time I have connected some IDE drive and
actually got some lockup at some occasion. I have always had the aic7xxx
driver compiled into the kernel. If I remember right from earlier discussions
on the linux-smp list I think this problem is related to this board and the
mix of IDE/SCSI with the earlier SMP kernels and maybe not to the aic7xxx
driver as such.

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