via82cxxx.c 1.7 2.4.0-test6 OOPS

Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 18:25:36 EST


I am using the 1.7 version of via82cxxx.c with 2.4.0-test6 on an ASUS A7V
motherboard (KT133).

I have one device on the VIA controller - a Kenwood 72x CDROM drive.

The drive is patched to firmware version 226E which "allows UDMA operation".

The drive shows up an a UDMA(33) device on boot.

Whenever I try to mount a CDROM ("mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom") I get a
kernel OOPS. I'm sorry I can't send it right now as my machine is
at home and I am at work.

I had to do a net install because even though I can mount the redhat 6.2
cd when I create my own install disk with 2.4.0-test[4,6] and your via driver,
it starts getting lost interrupts about midway through the RPM installation
(usually on a big >10MB RPM).

I think this is interesting because the drive works fine under Windows 98se
and it obviously works for the most part during the install, but now
that I have linux installed and the kernel built with the VIA driver,
any attempt to mount any CDROM causes a delay of a few seconds and an OOPS.

I am now using "ide=reverse" so that I can use LILO to dual-boot between
windows and linux. I have two IBM ATA100 drives, one on each channel, on
the onboard Promise controller.

This makes the CDROM drive /dev/hde. Do you think that might be significant?

Do you think there is a problem with the driver in that it is making
an assumption that a UDMA(33) device on the via controller is going to
be a hard drive?

Is there a newer version of the via82cxxx.c driver I can try?

Would you like me to send you additional information? If so, what
shall I send? The OOPS of course, /proc/ide/via? /proc/ide/hde/settings?

I would like to help debug this in any way I can.


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