[RFC] my current kernel todo list

From: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (acme@conectiva.com.br)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 09:40:56 EST

Linus et al,

        Can you briefly comment about the todo list bellow? I want to help cleaning
code, but to avoid losing our time, maybe somebody can say something "hey, don't
do that" or "hey, that is wrong you stupid" or something.


                        - Arnaldo

- get rid of check_region, use just request_region checking its return (2.2
  request_region returned void) and now the driver init sequence is not
  serialized anymore, so races are possible

- request_irq needs to be checked

- check all init_etherdev return
  - drivers allocating net_device with init_etherdev doesn't need zeroing it
    (init_etherdev does this for us)
- check all kmalloc, vmaloc, skb_alloc, etcalloc
        - check drivers/char/ip2main.c

- release previously successful allocations on failure
  - use forward gotos to release previously successfull allocations

- convert drivers to new PCI API

- remove uneeded historic code
  - checking for NULL on probe routines for net drivers

- check freeing skbs with kfree instead of kfree_skb

- get rid of panic function in drivers (watchdogs need to use machine_restart
  instead of panic 8) )
  - several char drivers do this happily :(

- get rid of isa_read/write[bwl], use ioremap instead

- sed s/return EWHATEVER/return -EWHATEVER/

- check misc_register return (yes, it can fail, murphy's law applies here as

- get rid of verify_area with copy_*_user get/put_user, only needed if
  using __copy_*_user et al
        - make sure that copy_to_user et all are checked
                - look at drivers/char/generic_serial.c
                - look at drivers/char/n_tty.c
        - get rid of copy_to_user_ret et all (Linus call)

- check drivers/scsi/ips.c for resource leaks (ips_release doesn't seems
  to release all the kmalloc memory it got in ips_detect. (quick look)
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