Re: Linux 2.2.17pre20 - the for Linus edition

From: Tom Leete (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 04:43:34 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> This is the version waiting Linus. Its in the queue for holy penguin pee so
> either it will get peed on or I will get abuse from Linus depending whether
> he likes it or not 8)
> In the mean time I'm taking a break rescuing a rather buggy but otherwise
> neat user space app. I'll start 2.2.18 in a couple of weeks.
> James Cloos is making diffs between 2.2.17pre versions are available at
> <>
> <>
> 2.2.17pre20
> 2.2.17pre14
> o Add /lib/modules/foo/build link as per l/k (Ted Ts'o)

This is the first 2.2.x I've built since pre13. Am I the
only one who got a surprise when depmod -a took 20 minutes
to run? There was a big spill of 'not an ELF archive'
messages, but I got a nice dependency tree for all the
kernel object files.

Too bad it confuses modprobe so. I suppose there's a
modules.conf trick to exclude [build].

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