Linux 2.2.17pre20 - the for Linus edition

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 15:03:51 EST

This is the version waiting Linus. Its in the queue for holy penguin pee so
either it will get peed on or I will get abuse from Linus depending whether
he likes it or not 8)

In the mean time I'm taking a break rescuing a rather buggy but otherwise
neat user space app. I'll start 2.2.18 in a couple of weeks.

James Cloos is making diffs between 2.2.17pre versions are available at

o Fix EIP/ESP printk thinko (Willy Tarreau)
o Final small DAC960 adjustments for 2.2.17 (Leonard Zubkoff)
o Improve AARP handling (Alistair Riddell)
o Fix bug in the appletalk code (Marcelo Tosatti)
o Last minute fix to the CS4281 (Tom Woller)
o Mention CS4280 and use __initdata for data (me)
o Turn on the EAPD bit on the AD1885 (me)
o Don't honour the status bit for audio on a (Marcus Sundberg)
        440MX - it appears it doesnt work
o Fix high cpu usage on i810 audio (Marcus Sundberg)
o Apply the same fix to the cs46xx (Bill Nottingham)
o Change the power/CD algorithm on the 46xx (me)

o Add Marcelo Tosatti to the credits (Marcelo Tosatti)
o Fix a couple of kfree and follow the pointer
        bugs in the i810 audio driver (Bob Frey)
o Vger is now everywhere (Daniel Roesen)
o Further 3c59x fixups (Andrew Morton)
o Disable record on cs46xx for this release (me)

o Fix a race in the NFS code (Andi Kleen)
o Fix a pair of arcnet resource leaks on error (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Fix PPC601 booting, bitops bug and oddments (Paul Mackerras)
o Fix resource leaks on error in several drivers
                                                     (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o Add SCR-2430 to cdroms we limit xfer sizes on (Ron)
o Fix a small error in the vfb driver (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o Fix further bonding driver bug (John Newbigin)
o Irda should compile again
o Fix irda parameter parser (Russell King)
o Hold the external amp on the Voyetra card active
                while CD is an input (me)
o HDLC driver fixes (Krzysztof Halasa)
o Ksyms for external stuck task tracker module (Andi Kleen)
o Fix spurious setting of err in sockets (Dave Miller)
o Fix net_bh race from skb_dequeue (??)
o Fix cs46xx record bug (me)
o Fix ac97 init wait error (doh..) (me)

o Added midi/dmfm support for the ALi sound (me)
        | from code by Ching Ling Lee
        | blame me if it doesnt work
o CS4281 experimental sound driver (GW Boynton, Tom Woller)
        | cleaned up and maybe broken by yours truely
o Fix bonding crash (John Newbigin)
o Fix find_next_zero bit on Alpha (Jay Estabrook)
o Fix find_next_zero_bit on Sparc (Dave Miller)
o Qlogicfc fixes (Chris Loveland)
o Fix bttv norm setting in old driver (Daniel Perez)
o Start ESS solo with mic turned down to avoid (me)

o Thinkpad hacks and external amp support for (Bill Nottingham, me
        CS46xx, also fix mono David Kaiser)
o Actually fix i810 audio hangs and other stuff (me)
o Dave Jones addr change (Dave Jones)
o Fix long standing vm hang bug (Marcelo Tosatti)
o Fix irda memory leak (Pontus Fuchs)
o Minor further PPC fixes (Paul Mackerras)
o Fix PCI id ordering (Paul Mackerras)
o 3Ware corrected update (Adam Radford
                                                         Joel Jacobson)
o Fix stale documentation in proc.txt (Paonia Ezrine)
o Fix the TCP/vm bug nicely (Andi Kleen)
o Add 3c556 support to the 3c59x driver (Andrew Morton)
o Switch eepro100 to I/O mode pending investigation
                                                        (Andrey Savochkin)
o Fix 'Donald Duck impressions' in ES1879 audio (Bruce Forsberg)
o CODA fs fixes for 2.2.17pre (Jan Harkes)
o RIO serial driver update (Patrick van de Lageweg)
o Minimal version of the at1700 fix (Brian S. Julin)
        [From Hiroaki Nagoya's original stuff]
o Typo fix in sysctl vm docs (Dave Jones)
o DAC960 update to rev 2.2.7 (Leonard Zubkoff)

o Pull the 3ware update - causes oopses ? (me)
o Fix emu10k build error with no PCI (Arjan van de Ven)
o display7 LED driver (Eric Brower)
o TLB multi-match bugs in sparc64 (Dave Miller)
o Fix CPP string concatenation in sparc ksyms (Dave Miller)
o Fix lost copyright credit to ALi in the
        trident.c driver (me)
o Add alternate ALi ID to the trident driver (me)
o ATI video fixes for PPC (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
o Further HDLC fixes (Krzysztof Halasa)
o Fix sign handling bugs (Andrew Morton, me)
o Fix wrong comment in fs/exec.c (Robert Love)

o Hopefully fix esd and other i810 audio hangs (me)
o Further fixes for the Alpha tree (Jay Estabrook)
o Further bond cleanup/init fix (Daniel Roesen)
o Fix initio redefine warnings (Arjan van de Ven)
o Fix warnings due to printk types (Arjan van de Ven)
o Fix warnings due to missing prototypes (Arjan van de Ven)
o Fix i2o warnings, code cleanup (Arjan van de Ven, me)
o Fix warnings from missed includes (Arjan van de Ven)
o Fix ip2serial config ioctl bug (Arjan van de Ven)
o Update ipmasqadm tool locations (Rob Hudson)
o Fix yamaha build problems (me)
o Change varesearch -> valinux in the kernel (H J Lu)
o Add /lib/modules/foo/build link as per l/k (Ted Ts'o)
o Bring the SX rio and generic_serial in line (Patrick)
        with 2.4.test
o 3ware controller fixes/updates (Adam Radford
                                                         Joel Jacobson)
o Fix appletalk kmalloc warnings (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
o Fix imm/ppa handling with PCI ports (Gunther Mayer)
o Fix 16bit handling bug in NCPfs (Petr Vandrovec)
o Fix isofs offset by one error (Mikael Pettersson)
o Add byte counters to ewrk3 (Nathan Hand)
o SMBFS clean ups, fix OS/2 rename (Urban Widmark)
o HDLC driver bug backout (Krzysztof Halasa)
o Powermac pmu and gmac fixes (Paul Mackerras)
o Fix i2o block scan for multi drives (Boji Kannanthanam)
o Fix frag handling oddity on ipchains (Jan Echternach)
o Fix emu10k as non module (Mikael Pettersson)
o Scsi command raw requires RAWIO cap (Oliver Xymoron)
o IDE command raw or hwif add requires RAWIO (various)
o Fix isofs 2048 byte alignment bug (Go Taniguchi)
o Fix most remaining UMSDOS flaws (Matija Nalis)

o Fix compile errors on userhelper (Several people)
o Small Alpha update/fixes (Jay Estabrook)
o Add bootup documentation (H Peter Anvin)
o S/390 partial merge of updates (Martin Schwidefsky)
o Bonding driver fixes (Andreas Steinmetz)
o Geert changed address (Geert Uytterhoeven)

o Fix PC300 X.21 support (Ivan Passos)
o Smart2 driver minor fixes, one new card id (Charles White)
o Fix PS/2 reconnect lockup on SMP (David Nelson)
o Fix duplicate PCI ids (Tim Waugh)
o Fix 100Mbit fdx on DEC45x driver (Phil Ezolt, Bill Carr)
o Cyclades serial fixes (Ivan Passos)
o Additional scsi blacklist entries (Matt Domsch)
o Allow ppp deflate to be compiled in (Paul Gortmaker)
o Fix i2o block multidrive bug I added in pre10 (Boji Kannanthanam)
o Hopefully fix the scsi error handler/initrd bug (me)
o Small sparc power handling bugfix (Dave Miller)
o Directory testing fix if CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH (Wojciech Purczynski)
o Export exec_usermodehelper, clean up baycom (Thomas Sailer)

o Tlan driver update (Torben Mathiasen)
o Ext2 error message typo (Andreas Dilger)
o Updated Yamaha PCI audio driver (Daisuke Nagano)
o Small PPP oops fixes (Paul Fulghum)
o SMBFS compile fix (Urban Widmark)
o Small cisco hdlc/lmi fixes (Krzysztof Halasa)
o Fix hdlc mode switch (Ivan Passos)
o Fix fbmem driver bug with size checks (Petr Vandrovec)
o Merge the Emu10K driver (Rui Sousa and co)
o Synclink driver updates (Paul Fulghum)
o Appletalk SMP locking fixes (Jens-Uwe Mager)
o Don't offer Toshiba Laptop for non x86 (Francis Galiegue)
o Further PPC minor merges (Paul Mackerras)

o Fix up the eepro driver further (Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho)
o Update URL for Japanese (Goto Masanori)
o Remove tty driver sleep race (Andrea Arcangeli)
        | this backs out a fix but a fix we no longer need
o Tim Waugh moved (Tim Waugh)
o Urban Widmark becomes new smbfs maintainer (Urban Widmark)
        | Also cleanup debug stuff
o Fix several cs46xx bugs (Tom Woller, me)
o Fix INET=n compile failure (Arjan van de Ven)
o Handle i2o boot volumes sanely (Boji Kannanthanam,

o Fix toshiba driver to work compiled in (me)
o Fix scsi sg driver panics with some cards (Douglas Gilbert)
o Fix select() handling bugs in DoubleTalk driver (Jim Van Zandt)
o Alpha fixes for fbcon. matroxfb and pm2fb (Jay Estabrook)
o Further TCP fixes (please give these a good
                beating) (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o Add some delays to cs46xx to try and fix the (me)
        'only works on 2nd load' bug some people see

o Fix sparc64 sym53c8xx breakage (Dave Miller)
o Further PPC merge updates (Paul Mackerras)
o Fix the I/O slowdown in 2.2.17pre7 (Marcelo Tosatti)

o Fix the rate adaption, default to 48KHz (me)
        Correctly setup VRA bits. Variable speed
        now works on capable codecs (AD1881 etc)
o Crystal Soundfusion 46xx driver (me)
        | Most of the work actually from the ALSA driver by Jaroslav
o PC300 driver update (Ivan Passos)
o Further PPC merges (Olaf Hering)
o Further 3c59x/3c90x fixes (Andrew Morton)
o Fix i810 potential oops (Vladimir V. Klenov)
o Atari partition probe must be last (no magic) (Michael Schmitz)
o Merge aty128fb driver for PPC (Brad Douglas)
o Fix the multiple ide directories in proc bug (Shigeo 'Geo' Tanai)
o Fix zImage build for chrp PPC (Olaf Hering)
o Toshiba SMM driver for configuration utils (Jonathan Buzzard)
o Rename cp932 back (Yoshihiro Kajiki)
o Fix endian bug in cp932 handling (Yoshihiro Kajiki)

o Fix some NTFS bugs, stop it touching win2K (Anton Altaparmakov)
o Wait for dirty buffers to sync sometimes (Marcelo Tosatti)
o AIC7xxx update (hopefully its happy now) (Doug Ledford)
o Put #!/bin/sh on the scripts from Menuconfig (Wolfgang Sourdeau)
o 2.2 elevator wasnt coalescing enough (Jens Axboe)
o Fix ppc build problem (Andreas Tobler)
o PPC video updates (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
o List extra Athlon flags as in 2.3.* (me)
o Handle AMD Athlon L2 cache reporting errata (me)

o Fix alpha compile problems on lmc and dmfe (me)
o Fix sparc32 lockd translation (Dave Miller)
o Fix HDLC problems with packet lengths (Ivan Passos)
o PMAC updates - should now build (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
        video update rejected as too risky
o Removed unused trashing var (Andrea Arcangeli)
o Proper fix for the TCP crash case (Andi Kleen)
o Further small vm fixups (Rik van Riel)
o Fix SCSI tape bugs (Kai Makisara)
o Lanmedia driver fixes (Andrew Stanley-Jones)
o ES1370/1371 GETOSPACE fixes (Thomas Sailer)
o FAT CD fix (Jens Axboe)
o Further small shared irq 3c59x fix (Andrew Morton)
o Fix scripts/Configure comment handler (Jun Hamano)

o Winchip C6 has buggy TSC (Dave Jones)
o TCP crash workaround for the problem seen by
        auctionwatch (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o VM improvements (mm-fix-3) (Andrea Arcangeli)
o Revert parport change in pre2 for now (me)

o Fix possible hang in TCP code under high net/ (Mark Hemment)
        disk load
        | Im very interested to know if this fixes some of the
        | reported high load box totally hangs cases
o Fix a sparc64 problem with SABRE
o Bring the PPC port back into line (Cort Dougan, Paul Mackerras,
                                Benjamin Herrenschmidt, Henry Worth
        | Lots of PPC fixes, DMA sound suspend fix, GMAC ethernet,
        | PPC changes to de4x5 for new apple stuff, core99 fixes
        | adb, rth, macserial and media bay work
o Require root for keymap reloading (Stephen Thorne)
o Fix a reported CD-ROM oops (Jens Axboe)
o Give BSD behaviour for iovec overruns (Ivan Kokshaysky)
        | Also should fix OSF emulation
o Set file type on sockets in ext2 (Andreas Dilger)

o Fix memory leak in appletalk drivers (Hu Chengjun)
o Fix bridge + rtl8139 bug (Jeff Garzik)
o ICH audio hack for slow to reset codecs (Vladimir V. Klenov)
o One liner fix to the kswapd logic (Rik van Riel)
o Fix dtr on close bug in the SX serial driver (Patrick van de Lageweg)
o Fix saving of db6 on debug traps (James Cownie)
o Teach setup code about transmeta processors (H Peter Anvin)
o Fix some SMP races in parport (Tim Waugh)
o Fix CDROMPLAYTRKIND, rpc2 region info query (Jens Axboe)
o Small AFFS fixes (Dave Jones)
o Test fsuid before DAC_OVERRIDE in procfs (Solar Designer)
o Add Cyclades PC300 driver (Ivan Passos)
o List Andries as partitioning maintainer (Andries Brouwer)
o Remove __LIBRARY__ from unistd.h syscall tests (Erik Troan)
o Resync 2.2 and 2.4 i810 drivers (me)
o Upgrade aic7xxx driver to 5.1.30. This should (Doug Ledford)
        fix the problems with EISA/VLB cards
o Resync the ixj telephony driver with Quicknet (me)
        | Word of warning: Stuff built against the 2.2 ixj
        | driver is back compatible. Stuff built against their
        | release we merged with is not as they clashed with
        | ioctls already allocated for other uses.


o Fix the md failure to work (me)
o Fix the Irix 6.x FIN foodfight bug (Andi Kleen)
        | Someone needs to fix IRIX too
o Fix the Alpha debugging printk (me)
o Fix the 2.2.16 problem with some cdroms (Jens Axboe)
o Fix the i2o scsi crash on boot (me)
o Fix yamaha audio when compiled in (me)
o Fix es1371 rev 8 cards (Thomas Sailer)
o Don't listen for TCP on lockd port (Trond Myklebust)
o Fix sparc32 signal handling (Eddie d'Ost)
o Fix sym53xxx sparc stuff (Dave Miller)
o Fix crashes on unload/remove of initio scsi (Thomas Graichen)
o FIX eepro100 on sparc (Dave Miller)
o Remove Alessandro from the maintainers (Alessandro Rubini)
o Fix erroneous cp932 code page data (C Huang)
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