Re: FWD: 2.4 kernel causing BIOS Ram check problems vs 2.2 (Good comments)

From: Mike Galbraith (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 00:58:49 EST

On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Michael Peddemors wrote:

> Okay, now I am not the only developer with this problem.
> New 2.4 kernel having problems with determining INITRD_START

It doesn't determine INITRD_START, it gets this information directly
from the bootloader. The problem you're having is that syslinux and
the kernel disagree slightly on exactly where your top of ram lies.

(e820 reporting problem seems likely, and in setup.S there's this
little goodie..
   281 movb %al, (E820NR) help you verify that)

Were I in your shoes, I'd report this to David Parsons and Chris Noe..
they've done the most recent work in this area. I've taken the liberty
of adding cc's in case they're interested.


> > My distro is being installed in LOTS of 486's et al, and they are more
> > likely to run across this condition. IF there is no expected fix, rollback
> > of this NEW method of using RAM, then I will not follow up on this anymore,
> > and instead look to see if the bootloaders (IN my case syslinux) can
> > acurately snoop this info to pass to the kernel.

It'd be a bit easier to modify the kernel you ship to blindly trust the
bootloader. A much better approach would be to track down the booboo.


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