Re: ifconfig device down

From: Alan Curry (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 14:57:15 EST

Jesse Pollard writes the following:
>the kill(-1,9). It also doesn't kill itself. The signal 15 gives
>the daemons time to close the connections and exit. If they are not
>finished by the time the signal 9 occurs, then they are forced out, and the
>connections left open.

That's not right. SIGKILL forces an exit, which should close all file
descriptors and FINs should get sent for the ones which are TCP.

do_signal -> do_exit -> __exit_files -> close_files -> fput -> _fput ->
  __fput -> sock_close -> inet_release -> tcp_close -> tcp_send_fin

You can get a RST instead if you had leftover data in the receive queue, but
either way the connection should not hang around in ESTABLISHED state after
the process that owned it is gone.

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