Re: [off-topic] BP6/HPT-366 problems? [Was: Dual athlon support?]

From: Wayne Pascoe (
Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 08:19:08 EST

> I had these problems when I used an older BIOS.
> Now I use X (4.0.1), an AGP video card (Matrox G400), the BX chip isn't
> cooled, both processors are o/c, and I use the HPT366 controler.
> So far not even one crash in over 2 months.
> But I get lots of APIC errors in my /var/log/messages as usual.
> For me this was a BIOS error I would say.
> Unfortunately I can't restart the box to check which BIOS I currently use,
> since it is used all the time :)
> For more info regarding the BP6 I'd recommend


I had boot problems with my BP6 with the orignal bios it came with. I
upgraded to latest Beta at the time (3 months ago). I am using a PCI S3
video card, and 2 celeron 433 processors, not overclocked.

I am also using the HPT66 controller with the ide patches and 2.2.17pre13.
I have 2 drives in a raid one array, one on ide3 and one on ide4... The
box normally has uptimes of around 40 days. Except for at the moment while
I'm testing pre- kernels.

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