Re: Target mode SCSI driver?

From: Matthew Jacob (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 10:29:34 EST

Yes, I have the mods done on the first pass for this for my Qlogic driver. The
part of it that actually does the command decoding is thin and incomplete- by
design in a way because the hope is that folks will do their own until
somebody can get the time to step up to the plate and do a real extension to
the Linux midlayer for target mode.

My version therefore just makes sure you can set resources and receive ATIOs
which can get forwarded to another kernel module, which will turn around and
send events (data/status) back until the command is complete. Mine works well
with Fibre Channel. Parallel SCSI just got better debugged, but still needs a
bit of seasoning before I'd call it prime time ready. It's all on my ftp site
if you want it- help y'self. As usual, you pay for it by sending me reasonable
bug reports...

Naturally, this requires Qlogic hardware.

There are also an ancient set of patches for the aha1542- I haven't seen
whether they worked for 3 years maybe.

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:

> Hi all
> Does anyone know if there's a target mode SCSI driver for
> some SCSI adapter in Linux? I need something to 'fake' a
> SCSI-2 harddisk to create a storage solutiuon for some old
> proprietary so-called harddisk-recorders. These are used in
> sorts of studios to record and fiddle around with
> sound/music. These address harddisks connected to the SCSI
> bus in a per ID scheme, so "all I need to do" is sharing an
> network block device and 'connect' it to the SCSI via some
> cool interface.
> The idea may seem absurd, though I hope there's something in
> there.. :-)
> Roy
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