Re: kernel 2.4.0-test6-pre1

From: Bill Maidment (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 07:50:02 EST

At 2/08/00 09:53, Keith Owens wrote:
>On Wed, 02 Aug 2000 21:40:43 +1000,
>Bill Maidment <> wrote:
> >Anyone successfully installed kernel 2.4.0-test6-pre1?
> >
> >Something dramatic seems to have changed since test5, because I get a whole
> >pile of not found error messages from depmod -a
> >like /lib/modules-2.4.0-test6/....... module not found
> >plus a lot of other file system type error messages.
>You probably have a path statement in /etc/modules.conf (or
>conf.modules) that says to scan /lib/modules/`uname -r`. With the new
>build symlink you end up scanning all of /usr/src/linux. Remove any
>path statements that point at the top level directory. This is right
>path[xxx]=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/xxx
>This is wrong
>path[xxx]=/lib/modules/`uname -r`

Yes that was it. Thanks.

Now to find out why cpia_usb.o hangs on load
and mounting a vfat partition gives wrong major/minor number.

Isn't Linux fun!

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MacOS Where do you want to be tomorrow?
Linux Are you coming, or what?

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