Re: gettimeofday() non-monotonic on SMP kernel version 2.2.10

From: Mark-Andre Hopf (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 02:50:06 EST

"Sam Thompson" <> wrote:

> to gather data using a quad-processor SGI Visual Workstation 540. However,
> we are having trouble that we have diagnosed as a timing issue.
> gettimeofday() is non-monotonic

 This is a known bug on some machines with asynchronous TSCs. To make sure
Linux can handle it use at last 2.2.15!

> Can anyone point me to a patchfor 2.2.10 or a way to quickly modify the
> 2.2.10 code to fix this problem.

 When you really have to stay with 2.2.10 (something I don't recommend), try
the patch from Ingo Molnar I've uploaded at


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