Re: Floppy handling

From: Jamie Lokier (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 16:17:19 EST

Khimenko Victor wrote:
> > It might be reasonable to implement: (a) if any files are open, lock the
> > disk; (b) for floppies locked disk == keep the light on;
> Just grrrreat for notebooks and programs like WinWord (WinWord will create
> lock file near document and will keep it open while document is open in
> editor). Real smart.
> > (c) process current directories don't count towards (a) (but open handles do).
> > That gives the hypothetical database user the clue not to remove the
> > disk. For everyone else, the light is on only when necessary.
> Do you think light must be on all the time while you are writing letter ?
> I think not.

Of course not. If there are editors that work that way, than
locked==motor is indeed flawed.

But I've never used a unix editor that keeps a file open, not even to
lock the file. (Emacs can lock files without keeping anything open.
Other editors like Gimp, vi, xfig, even Netscape composer etc. don't keep
files open).

Why would WinWord do that, and can Wine convince it not to?

-- Jamie

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