RE: X dies when compiling kernel

From: CRADOCK, Christopher (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 07:55:55 EST

I see the same on Xfree4, but not during a kernel compile. I have it during
graphic programs like Gimp. I've tracked it down to a GDI widget context not
being set-up properly and then later on when your program tries to use it X
dies suddenly under initially mysterious circumstances. (The widget is
de-referenced and a referenced routine is called, however because the widget
isn't correctly set-up, this can point to garbage....)

I haven't tracked down the routine responsible for setting up the GDI
widget, nor why it suddenly failed to set-up an object it's managed several
hundred times in the past...

I'm wondering if it's caused by the recent fiddling with the MM routines
which occasionally will kill a process?


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Subject: X dies when compiling kernel

Every time I compile a kernel, my X session dies and I get the following
error in syslog:

Jun 20 01:04:50 Frankie kernel: [drm:drm_release] *ERROR* Process 9134
dead, freeing lock for context 8

This has happened ever since the .40's; currently ac21 compiling
ac22-riel. I am running Xfree4 w/ a Voodoo3 3500. It's a 400Mhz w/
192mb of ram, so I doubt it is running short on resources. Any ideas?

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