Re: IA64 version of 2.4.0-test1 has compile errors/config errors

From: Jes Sorensen (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 18:24:11 EST

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff V Merkey <> writes:

>> Having a dedicated mailing list per architecture to handle
>> architecture specific questions is very useful.

Jeff> I agree so long as folks can get a **WORKING** IA64 linux tree
Jeff> from This is clearly not the case today. I am
Jeff> concerned that Intel's IA64 effort may get a black eye if
Jeff> everytime folks download an IA64 Linux from, they
Jeff> discover that they canot build it.

I don't see your point, I download the kernel from and
apply David's patch and compile that - runs just fine.


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