Re: It's time to get rid of zImage

From: Edward S. Marshall (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 19:27:05 EST

[ Sorry for the delay in posting this; I've been in the midst of
  rebuilding my home network, and didn't have a chance to run any
  kind of tests to ensure that the problem is still there. -esm ]

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Unless someone gives me a *CONCRETE* example on a machine which *STILL*
> doesn't boot bzImage (and boots zImage), I don't believe this statement
> anymore.

I am typing this on just such a machine. This is preventing my upgrading
to 2.4.x, since I can't get a kernel built which fits as a zImage
supporting the hardware in the machine plus the features I need (yes,
everything that can be is a module), so I'm VERY interested in getting
this solved now (previously, it was really just an annoyance). When
booting from LILO, I get the following message when specifying a bzImage

Block move error 0x02

Booting the exact same kernel configuration (the current round of testing
is being done with 2.2.16, but it's the same error I've gotten since
bzImage was first introduced) as it's zImage counterpart works just fine.

I'm willing to run pretty much whatever tests people are interested in
seeing, and can provide system specs for the machine (some of
which I've attached below my signature). Current constraints are that the
machine is purely Linux, so any tests involving other architectures will
be...difficult. ;-)

Let me know what you need.


Edward S. Marshall <> 
[                  Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.                  ]


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