Re: !OT!: common standard for init scripts SysV and BSD alike. (Was somehow part of the riserfs thread)

From: Warren Young (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 04:50:27 EST

"Justin C. Darby" wrote:
> One way to possibly do this, is to have BSD style inits, do a little trick..
> i.e. in /etc/local-packages, or some other directory place scripts.. in one
> of the last rc scripts, do something similar to this (under bash):
> for x in /usr/local-packages/*

That turns BSD init into System V init, more or less. /etc/rc.d/rc
(under RH, anyway), is effectively the same as your code, plus a bit of
enhancement. BSD, by contrast, just dumps everything into /etc/rc, or
one of the few rc.* scripts that it calls.

> on my redhat system, i have a hack in rc.local
> to do this so I can just make one script for each extra thing i want loaded,
> so i don't have one massivly large file, and i can electivly choose to enabl
> e or disable them based on file permissions.

How is this different from putting those scripts in /etc/rc.d/rc5.d?
Call them S99mystuff.[1-9], and they'll be called after S99local, just
as you're doing by hand.

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