Re: [User-mode-linux-user] Re: user-mode port 0.24-2.3.99-pre9

From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 08:55:31 EST said:
> Nice. (I was hoping you did it other way: framebuffer driver in uml
> which knows how to do X would be even cooler; the way you done it evil
> application could connect to your X server directly and capture your
> keystrokes; something what framebuffer driver would not allow).

I did it that way to exercise the kernel and to demonstrate that it could run
its own local X server.

If you were running it as a sandbox, you would put the Xnest outside, running
on the host. You'd make sure that it accepted connections from the virtual
machine and that your native X server didn't. That way, the only server
available to evil proggies running inside the virtual machine is the Xnest,
which can be made to go away with a click of the mouse if it starts trying
nasty things like creating infinite windows.


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