Re: [User-mode-linux-user] Re: user-mode port 0.24-2.3.99-pre9

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 16:53:34 EST


> > > This is most easy to
> > > reproduce under X (start an xterm and a window manager and wave the
> > > mouse in
> > > and out of the xterm, and after a while, the xterm will stop blinking
> > > and the
> > > mouse will stop changing shape), but I've also seen it affect ping.
> > Does that mean that you can now run X under uml?
> Yeah, that's actually worked for a while. I just haven't gone out of my way
> to publicize it.
> This is how to do it:
> Install the X clients in your favorite user-mode root filesystem. Make sure
> you get Xnest.
> Boot it up and bring the network up if it isn't already.
> If necessary, xhost the virtual machine on the host.
> In the virtual machine run 'DISPLAY=host:0 Xnest &'
> You'll get an Xnest window, and you can then set your DISPLAY to :0 and run
> whatever X clients you want. What I normally do is 'DISPLAY=:0 fvwm2 &' That
> gives me a window manager and enough of an environment to do what I want
> without needing to go back to the console.

Nice. (I was hoping you did it other way: framebuffer driver in uml
which knows how to do X would be even cooler; the way you done it evil
application could connect to your X server directly and capture your
keystrokes; something what framebuffer driver would not allow).


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