2.3.99pre9, large file problem on x86 (NFS)

From: Christian Iseli (chris@ludwig-alpha.unil.ch)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 06:24:40 EST

Hi folks,

I have been trying for some time to deal with large files (> 2Gb) on an SMP
x86 box. It is a dual PII, with 760 MB RAM. I compiled the kernel using
gcc version 2.95.1, binutils

I have some large files on a Sun server. I have util-linux 2.10m on the Linux
box, and with this setup I can properly mount and see the large files from the
server, i.e., "ls -l file" reports the correct byte count. So far, so good.
However, when I try to read one of those big files from the server, the process
reading it ends up in the D state after a while, and stays there.

Any other process that I start, to try to read some other file on the same
remote filesystem, immediately ends up stuck in the D state also, even for
small files.

Is this a known problem (i.e., does it depend on one of the items of the job
list) ? Any words of advice, patch to try, etc ?

TIA. Regards,

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