notebook PS2 keyboard dead

From: Harald Koenig (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 05:44:23 EST

usign 2.2.14 kernel with a Gericom Avangarde notebook the keyboard
and PS/2 mouse sometimes locks up (no interrupts anymore) when using
autorepeat keys (e.g. scrolling in an editor, both on text console and
with X11 running) for while. there are no kernel messages at all.

closing/reopening /dev/psaux (e.g. stop/start gpm, or switch from/to
X11 vc) `fixes' this lockup and both mouse and keyboard work again.

any idea what's wrong here and how to fix this problem ?
while X is running it's hard to close/open /dev/psaux
and when the keyboard got stuck, how to switch to another vc ??

thanks for any hint,


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