Re: For Alan Cox ...

From: Mike Coleman (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 18:59:44 EST

Alan Cox <> writes:
> ORBS lists sites they cannot probe

True, but they also seem to malign providers that don't cooperate. Here's a
quote, for example

   In general: <b>Hosts/Networks blocking the testers have something to
   hide.</b> If their mail servers are secure then they have nothing to worry
   about from the ORBS tester.

> If you dig for an rr address you get back a reply indicated that probing
> this range is blocked. Most people I know dont do ORBS drops of mail on that
> reply, in fact most dont even do scoring on a 'blocked range' reply.

I imagine that's true. You're the first recipient I've had bounce my mail
because of RR.


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