Re: mounting a filesystem nowhere?

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 03:01:49 EST

Hi Tigran.

>> We don't have to mount it anywhere within the user's reach.

> Could you (only if you have a spare minute) say a few more
> words about this, please? I.e. my reading of do_mount() is
> such that it will necessarily create a vfsmount entry on
> successful return. So, how is it that you are talking about
> "not mounting anywhere within the user's reach"? I.e. where
> else can I possibly mount a filesystem and how?

One obvious case is where the user in question is chroot'd to
somewhere that isn't a prefix of the mount point...

Just a thought: Can a filesystem be mounted on top of a user's
chroot'd directory, and if so, will that user see the new file
system or stay in the old one?

Best wishes from Riley.

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