Re: [PATCH][mount-7-1-B] fixes to pre7-1 and more mount cleanups

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 03:37:56 EST

Hi Alexander.

>> Alexander, there seems to be a problem still with the
>> mntent changes in pre7-1. For example, if you create a
>> kernel thread during bootup without CLONE_FS, the
>> __copy_fs_struct will barf on the NULL
>> rootmnt/root/pwdmnt/pwd members coming from INIT_FS. I
>> actually have this happening on Sparc64 with pre7-1 which
>> is how I found the problem.

>> I think to fix this, mntget/mntput should be defined
>> analogously to dget/dput in that they just do nothing if
>> the argument is NULL.

> Umm... Yes, probably you are right. I'm a bit nervous about
> going that way right now - it will just hide some real
> places where we are getting NULL by mistake.

Asa a bare minimum, they should be defined to at least report the
fact that they received NULL to enable somebody to note that the
problem has occurred.

Best wishes from Riley.

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