Re: calling ext2fs function

From: Benhanokh Gabriel (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 02:08:26 EST

> Ah. How do you make sure the newly allocated blocks cannot ever
> be read by an application until after they have been written to, then?
no application but mine should ever be aware to the allocated blocks.
reads from a file are checked with the file size not in the blocks numbers,
so if i update file size only after writes this should be ok.

> What do you need this facility for - some sort of kernel-level facility,
> or an application?

> Does it have to be ext2fs only, though?
not realy, actually i don't even think the ext2fs is suitable for us as we
are aiming at the highend storage market, and ext2fs is too limited( file
sizes can't excced 2GB, no jornaling...). but from what i read ext3fs should
be good for us, and it suppose to have very similier design so i guess
working with ext2fs would prove usefull.

> Personally, I'd add the raw functions necessary to ext2fs, then export it
> via VFS, rather than hitting ext2fs directly. There are already several
> replacements for ext2fs approaching inclusion in the kernel; if your
> code is hardwired into the ext2fs code, you will have a lot of problems
> later on, when you try to move to XFS, ReiserFS, ext3fs or whatever.
i don't know if ext3fs is ready now, i saw that it is version 0.03, so i
prefer to play with a stable version first.
XFS looks very nice, but again i don't know when it will be release.

at the moment i'm using only one call from ex2fs (ext2_getblk) and all the
rest is done with cheating the buffer cache, i might try to get a more
general soloution .bmap seems to be another place to hook in and it is a VFS


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